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Felt manor news & updates


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Felt Manor was originally built (circa 1850) in the Greek Revival style by wealthy merchant Lucius Felt and his wife Catherine. In 1874, the Felts remodeled the home to the fashionable Second Empire style, adding the iconic mansard roof.
Mansard cornice with new classical white paint


With more unseasonably warm weather, work continues on the exterior. After all the stripping, scraping, sanding, patching, and priming, it's time for the first coat of paint! Our historical paint analysis revealed the original paint color on the mansard cornice and dormers was a creamy shade of off-white. We chose Sherwin-Williams Classical White from the Galena Approved Historical Colors. It's perfect! A coat of paint goes up on the mansard cornice, the dormers, and the bay window on the south side of the house before the first snowfall finally arrives in Galena in late December.
The masonry support pier for the front porch was rebuilt, brick by brick


Thankfully, the weather is unseasonably warm, and lots of exterior work gets done. The slate tile mansard roof is carefully removed, tile by tile. All 10 mansard dormer windows get their new lead-coated copper roofs. The carpenters work to repair the top of the main cornice before it's wrapped in pre-finished sheet metal. Crown molding is custom milled to match the original beautiful details. Felt Manor has 57 windows, and they'll be restored in phases. Starting with the mansard level, windows are removed and taken to the workshop. The masonry support pier on the northeast corner of the front porch is taken down, brick by brick, and completely rebuilt.
Lead-coated copper roofs on mansard dormers


The scaffolding now wraps the entire house. Paint stripping begins in earnest on the mansard dormers and the south bay windows. Carpentry repairs get underway. Custom mahogany trim is milled to match the original wood details on the mansard dormers. Thirty-two pairs of shutters are removed from the house and taken to the workshop for restoration. Roofing work begins, starting with the mansard dormers, which are getting new lead-coated copper tops.
Large window facing east overlooking the front porch, paint stripped from window, lintel, sill


The scaffolding goes up, and restoration work begins. The slate tile mansard roof, which is original to the house, needs to be replaced. Slate tile roofs can last 100 years, and Felt Manor's roof is nearly 150 years old. Historical paint analysis reveals that some parts of the house (including the shutters) have as many as 14 different layers of paint. Paint stripping begins. Layers and layers of paint are removed, including from the window sills and lintels, revealing the beautiful original limestone.
Scaffolding on the exterior of Felt Manor


Lisa and Patrick Kerpan become the new owners of Felt Manor, and the main house is closed for restoration. They plan to begin with the exterior, starting with the top mansard level. That means scaffolding, and lots of it!
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