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Felt Manor Fun Facts
22 historic facts about one of
the most prominent homes in galena

1.  Felt Manor was built in 1848 and has been standing for 170+ years!

2.  The double limestone staircase connecting the home to Prospect Street was added in the 1860s and is listed with the Library of Congress as a National Historic Landmark.

3.  Dubbed ‘Felt's Folly' by locals, Lucius Felt spent an impressive $40,000 to have the steps chiseled into the limestone hillside, at a price that would be equivalent to over $1.3 million today.

4.  When the manor was built, the neighborhood was called "Quality Hill". Everything that happened on Quality Hill was in the Gazette!

5.  Lucius Felt was a dry-goods store owner in downtown Galena. The original storefront is still in use today!

6.  The current store is "At Home Galena" next to the Great American Popcorn Shop.

7.  There is a historic plaque in front stating "Lucius Felt's Dry-Goods Store"!

8.  The first floor of the Manor is comprised of four impressive parlors which include a library, game parlor, reception parlor, and dining room.

9.  The Felt Manor was the first residence in Galena to have indoor plumbing.

10.  The woodwork is all original from 170+ years ago!

11.  The marble sinks in the guest suites are also original!

12.  There are seven imported fireplaces with Italian marble in the manor. Four of them are wood burning. They were imported on the Fevre River by steamboat and transported up the Galena hills by horse and buggy.

13.  The window treatments in the Library and the Game Parlor are original pocket shutters.

14.  A German artist came to Galena to complete the shutters specifically for The Felt Manor, The Washburne Home, and The Belvidere Mansion.

15.  The third floor attic was converted into a grand ballroom with two adjoining parlors that the Felts used for entertaining. Today, the third floor is used for storage.

16.  The well is original to the home and there are two original cisterns where we reuse the rain water for gardening and other projects. The bushes on either end of the walkway (at the top of Felt's Folly) are ‘tree peonies' and are over 100 years old!

17. The home was originally built in the Greek Revival style and later remodeled in 1874 to the fashionable Second Empire style, adding the iconic mansard roof that can be seen across town.

18.  Felt Manor became a B&B in the 1980s.

19.  The Felt Manor Coach House was restored in 2018 and won the 2018 Galena Historic Preservation Award.

20.  The dining room where BREAKFAST is served was originally the master bedroom for Lucius and Catherine Felt. Their dining room was in the current basement.

21.  Dan is the current owner and has been running the Inn for over 25 years.

22.  Alex & Geoff moved to Galena, IL in July 2019. Learn more about their story here.

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