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You'Re INVITED to meet our new innkeepers

The Inn at Felt Manor is excited to welcome our new innkeepers, Geoff Karnish and Alex Arroyo.

Both were both raised in the Midwest (Geoff north of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Alex in Cleveland, Ohio). They are excited to return to their roots in serving traditional Midwest breakfasts!

After two years of marriage, these New Yorkers have decided to leave the Big Apple for a slice of humble pie. They made a cross country move to historic Galena in July 2019.

Geoff was a pastry chef in NYC. He also managed (fancy!) events for a hospitality group. Alex was an Arts Programmer for a theatre and nature center in Ohio for two years. He also worked in New York real estate for several years and helped create their events, and partnership programs.

They will deeply miss their friends and careers in New York but are VERY excited to join the wonderful hospitality lifestyle.
A Few Local Favorites! 
Alex's Favorite Restaurant in Galena: Fritz and Frites
Geoff's Favorite Restaurant in Galena: Fried Green Tomatoes
Alex's Bar Pick: Miss Kitty's Grape Escape
Geoff's Bar Pick: Galena Cellars Vineyard
Alex's Favorite Happy Hour Treat: Lemon Squares
Geoff's Favorite Bread Course: Brioche Cinnamon Rolls
Alex's Favorite Main Street Stop: Tastings at the Canning Company 
Geoff's Favorite Main Street Stop: Galena Apothecary 
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