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6 Instagram Photo ops at the inn at felt manor
and a few for your galena getaway

We are sure you will find all of the beautiful moments during your trip to #GalenaCountry. Here are a few of our Insta worthy ideas for your next visit to our historic bed and breakfast.

1. The Rooms and
Your guest room at the Felt Manor is historic. The sinks are lower to the ground and the marble is original from 1848. Felt Manor had the first indoor bathrooms in Galena. The wallpaper is insane, in a great way. The views are stunning of downtown Galena and our courtyard. Many are surrounded in brick, so they're perfectly private. Even the Coach House won the Historic Preservation Award so is perfect for the modern, luxury, renovation kind-of Instagram account that you might have. The Coach House even has a spacious front deck with views of the rolling Driftless Hillside that Galena is famous for. Which room suits your best?

2. The Front Porch
To piggy-back off the views of the rooms and accommodations, the front porch of the Felt Manor has the vacation moment that we all need. Find time during your Midwestern getaway to enjoy a refreshment on the porch. We all need a tranquil moment to recharge in the morning. Or maybe you'll chat with a new friend about the fun things you did on your day in Galena! Whatever your vacation looks like, we promise the Felt Manor Front Porch is worthy of your social media.

3. The Game Parlor
We hope that you have time to enjoy ALL of the nooks at The Felt Manor. Our pick for an indoor Instagram shot is the Game Parlor. The pocket shutters in the bay window are ORIGINAL from 1848. The fireplace is also original Italian marble. The serene walls are a fun shade of blue called GREEN BAY. It doesn't get more Midwestern than that.

4. Felt's Folly
History fanatics, gather 'round. The double stone staircase connecting the home to Prospect Street was added in the 1860's and is listed with the Library of Congress as a National Historic Landmark. Dubbed ‘Felt's Folly' by locals, Lucius Felt spent an impressive $40,000 to have the steps chiseled into the limestone hillside, at a price that would be equivalent to over $1.3 million today!

5. Breakfast
Foodies rejoice! The Inn at Felt Manor is the place for you. All bookings include our gourmet three-course breakfast as well as an afternoon wine reception. Breakfast is served each morning in our sunny dining room. Check out some of our breakfast photos here!

6. The Grounds
The grounds at Felt Manor span from S Prospect Street to S High Street. Most of the land is surrounded in stone, giving you a beautiful natural backdrop. Deer, foxes, hawks, and neighborhood cats often hum along throughout the day. When they do, make sure to whip out your camera!

A few more photo ops for your vacation! 
7. Main Street
Main Street, itself, is adorable. EVERYTHING is frozen in time. Each shop and small business is also the perfect small town vibe that you are looking for.

8. Grant Park
Do yourself a favor and plan a walk through Grant Park. The view is like a vintage postcard. The pedestrian bridge is always a great photo. In June, they deck it out for Pride Month. The first cannon shot off during the Civil War is on display in the park. You could event plan your trip around a fun event in the park. (Oktoberfest, Country Fair, Fire in the Sky, etc.)

9. Galena Cellars Vineyard
From wine slushies to endless vines, the Galena Cellars Vineyard is gorgeous and is home to many photo ops. Snap a picture of the adorable pets running around. Enjoy a wine flight on the porch during perfect weather for the ultimate chill spot. 

10. The Restaurants 
Galena is a foodie vacation waiting to happen. Take a look at some of our picks for your next getaway. 
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